Sunday, 14 October 2012


Beautiful blue skies, crystal clear water and 28 degrees. It is a perfect day to head over to Moreton Island. Moreton Island is a large sand island off the coast of Brisbane, Queensland. If you are one of the lucky ones, who have a boat you can easily ride across in under 30min.

If you don't have a boat, then visiting this beautiful island can become quite a challenge. There are ferry services that take you across, but since there are no roads on Moreton Island, there is no way of exploring the island unless you bring a 4WD across. 

With a permit you can drive your 4WD along the long deserted stretches of beach Moreton Island has to offer. You need to purchase your permit before your trip. This can be done online at

Micat, Tangalooma Launch, Reality Cruises and Amity Trader are companies that can take you across. Amity Trader and Micat can take both passengers and vehicles. Tangalooma Launch and Reality Cruises are passenger carriers only.

Taking your car across is quite expensive and only recommended if you are planning on staying over night. Camping on selected beaches is allowed with a permit, which can be obtained from the same website as mentioned above. You can also find a small number of campgrounds scattered across the island. 

Tangalooma is a tiny township consisting of a handful of resorts, restaurants and bars.
If you are not a fan of camping, then Tangalooma is the ideal place for you to stay on Moreton Island.

Activities on Moreton Island are endless: snorkeling, scuba Diving, jet skiing, beach volleyball, hiking, just to name a few.

A great spot for diving and snorkeling are the deliberately sunk shipwrecks on the western Side of Moreton Island. The shipwrecks can be accesses from the beach by swimming accross (approx. 50meters) or can be walked to during low tide.

To sum it up: Moreton Island is a bit of a challenge to get to, but well worth the effort!

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